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Getting The Domain Name You Want

Whilst you need your domain name to represent your company or website you may also require a domain name for the purposes of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), where having the right domain name serves as an essential first step to a solid ranking on Google, Bing and just about every other search engine.

If you’re looking into purchasing a domain name for your new or existing website then you may have been left disappointed. Many consumers can find themselves stuck at the domain name search checker, finding that name after name is taken. However, just because the domains are shown as unavailable doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t for sale. Digital agencies who build affordable WordPress websites for business, regularly help their clients get the domain they want, and we’ve come up with some useful ‘quick tips’ to help you through the process of getting the domain name that you’re after, even if it is showing as already registered and unavailable.

Checking Domain Auction Websites

The first step you should take is to check the various domain auction websites to see if the domain that you’re looking for is already on sale. These websites include GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo and NameJet.

What to do if it’s already taken

Finding out who owns it

Finding out who currently owns the domain name is made easy by simply using the Who Is domain checker tool. This will return the information as to who owns the domain, including any company name. From here you’ll simply use a Google search to track down the domain owner’s contact details.

Playing the waiting game

An alternative to pursuing the domain name owner is simply waiting to see if the domain expires. You can use Domain Tool’s Domain Monitor in order to keep track of the domain’s status. If the domain in question isn’t renewed it will go into ‘pending delete’ status, where it could then be purchased by a drop catch auction.

Making an offer

Prior to contacting the company you need to establish a price that you’re willing to pay for the domain, ensuing that any price you put to them is lower than the amount you have in mind. This allows a little room for negotiation.

If you find that after negotiating that the price is still too high you could ask whether a “lease-to-own” deal could be struck. This can provide you with the time needed to come up with the capital to purchase whilst being able to use the domain name in the meantime.

Managing the sale process

Before committing to any deal that has been spoken about verbally it’s advisable that you send an email which summarises the conditions of the deal. As well as this you should look into using an escrow service which holds the funds between the two parties until the domain has been satisfactorily transferred.

If you’re paying over £5000 then it’s advisable that you consult a legal professional.

Using a broker or digital agency

Whilst you may consider a domain broker or digital agency as an unnecessary additional cost in purchasing a domain name this may actually be highly advisable, and could ensure that you don’t overpay for your domain name.