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Should You Choose Exact Match Domains?

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If you’d been reading this article a couple of years ago, we might have been discussing the merits of exact match domains (EMDs), particularly when it comes to search engine optimisation and getting your website to rank for a particular keyword or phrase. EMDs are so called because they are an exact match (or as near as you could get) to the keyword you wanted to rank for. It was thought that having the keyword you wanted to appear in the search results for, in the actual domain of the site whose pages you were trying to rank, was a great way to give these pages a bit of a boost up the rankings – and in a lot of cases this worked really well. So if you were a Denver dentist and wanted your potential clients to find you on the first page of Google, owning the domain or could actually have given you a fairly significant advantage over your competition. But these days, agencies that pride themselves on offering professional SEO services know that things have changed. (more…)