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Choosing The Right Name For Your Website

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What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to names for business websites, it could be everything. The domain you choose for your site, whether it’s just for a blog or for your business, is more than jut the ‘address’ people use to find it. It could be the first chance you have to make an impression on a potential reader or customer; or, if you’re thinking about search engine optimisation, it could even decide whether you rank towards the first page of the search results, or way back in the wastelands of page 14. Purchasing a domain name is a simple and inexpensive thing to do, but buying the right name for your website may take time and money if you really want to get it right. (more…)

New Top Level Domains

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If you’re after a domain name that’s a fairly common word or phrase, the chances are that the mainstream top level domains are already gone,. But the new TLDs that are coming could open up a whole world of opportunity.